RIM – Rare Glove


On this Rare Item Monday we present to you this Rare Glove. And as a special for this item, you may choose the color!

Gloves were first used commonly in ancient Egypt. They were worn by the Pharaohs to show their high position.

In the Middle Ages, it was a custom to eat with special gloves that only covered the fingers. Full gloves were also used by shepherds and peasants for protection when working. There were also leather gloves without fingers used for hunting with a bow and arrow. There were also gloves made of metal rings used for fighting called gauntlets.

RIM – Rare Big Blue Bow


You’ll always be in first-place when you’re wearing this RARE BIG BLUE BOW offered for this week’s Rare Item Monday.

The blue ribbon is a symbol of something of high quality. And comes from Cordon Bleu, which is French blue ribbon. These ribbons were worn by a particular order of knights when taking first place in athletic or other competitions. And that’s how blue ribbons came to be awarded for first place in many other events, such as county and state fairs.

JAMMER ART – Almost Lucky Day


Are you ready for March’s LUCKY CELEBRATIONS? Check the party schedule for the next Luck event. Even host your own Lucky Party in your den and decorate it with all of your green or lucky items.

Some of our favorite luck charms are the LADYBUG (obviously), FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS, and RAINBOWS. If you happen to accidentally walk under a ladder, keep your fingers crossed until you see a dog. This is a folklore belief that will keep the bad luck from sticking to you. This is where we get the expression and the action of keeping fingers crossed for good luck.

Congratulations to Monster Muddyfox, Gorgeous Arcticwolf, Gorgeous ArcticcloudDaredevil Magiccloud, and Speedy Wolf for earning Artist Plaques for their dens.

What does it mean to you to be lucky?