Tunnel Town Is Here


Tunnel Town, the new free mobile game from the makers of Animal Jam, is now available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!

In Tunnel Town, you can help the bunnies of Jamaa build a secret underground empire! Dig new tunnels and chambers, then decorate them with toys and furniture your bunnies will really use. You can even hit the dance floor with different bunny combinations to discover amazing new species!

And as a special treat, there will be an extra special, super rare, golden Founder Bunny available for free at the Tunnel Town Market for everyone who downloads Tunnel Town during the first weekend only (July 18th-21st)!

Tunnel Town is as deep as your imagination!

Tunnel Town Is Coming


The bunnies of Jamaa need your help…

On Thursday, July 18th, the Animal Jam experience is going underground…

Get ready to dig in for fun

Tunnel Town, the new free mobile app from the makers of Animal Jam, is coming to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch! Ask your parents to visit http://www.tunneltown.com to learn more!

Jammer Art – Ocean Animals


Did you know that about 70% go the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans? That’s a lot of water! This week’s AWESOME JAMMER ART features OCEAN ANIMALS of Jamaa. It also has an ANGLER BUNNY making a cameo from TUNNEL TOWN.

Congratulations to Miss Prettyclaws, Swimming Sunnyseal, Twinkle Happyfly, Sleepy Georgeousfoot, and Magical Superviolet. They will all receive the ARTIST PLAQUE from AJHQ.