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If your Animal Jam account is important to you, follow these great tips to keep your account safe!

Make sure your parent’s email address is connected to your account! If you aren’t sure what email was used when you created your account, ask your parents to send an email to and we will be happy to help you!

Never give away your password, even if someone tells you they need it in order to give you items or codes. AJHQ will never ask for your password, so if someone is asking for your password, they are not from AJHQ! If someone else is able to log into your account and break the rules, they could get you in trouble! So don’t give your password out to anyone, not even your best friend!

Giving away your password not only means someone can trade away your items, but it is also against the Animal Jam Rules. If you share your password with another player, they could log into your account, spend your gems, and send your items to their account. If that happens, AJHQ cannot replace those items or gems.

Create a safe and secure password! Try to create a password that is easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess. These are examples of passwords you don’t want to use: “password”, your username, or “12345″. These are some of the first passwords someone trying to get into an account tries!

Here are some ideas on how to create a difficult password: your pets names, your favorite colors, your favorite brands, or even the name of your favorite shows are best used when combined with each other — so “PurpleFurbyNintendo” is a much harder to guess than just “Purple” or “Furby” or “Nintendo”.

Never redeem any membership codes unless it was purchased for you by a trusted adult. Someone might tell you they have a membership code they will trade you or a special trick to get membership codes. Those codes aren’t allowed and could get you banned from Animal Jam! Other players offering free membership codes are breaking the rules, so protect your account and never use one of their codes!