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Rare Item Monday: Spartan Helmet

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The Spartan Helmet is the simple, yet effective item to wear while fighting Phantoms in an Adventure.

Celebrating New Years!

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We are celebrating New Years in Jamaa!

Look at all the great pictures Jammers drew to celebrate!

Wovengold_Lucky_Arcticpaw_0 turtlegirl2002hi_Miss_Prettybelle_2 Snowflake86012_Flora_Arcticclaws_1 kkoo579_Mythical_Frozenstar_3 isabell7029_Blooming_Arcticbelle_0 ajanimal0908_Swimming_Canyoncroc_5

Celebrating SEALS!

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Aren’t seals great? They are one of Jamaa’s oldest animals and one of the few that can enter both the ocean and land areas of Jamaa.

So sit back and watch this oldie-but-goodie video showcasing one of Jamaa’s COOLEST animals.