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Rare Item Monday: Rare Butterfly Wings

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It’s your favorite day of the week—Rare Item Monday!

Every Monday AJHQ makes available a super rare item in one of its many shops around Jamaa. Today’s special item is for both members AND nonmembers, introducing the incredibly cool Butterfly Wings!

These Butterfly Wings will be made available for one day only. So flutter over to the nearest shop and purchase one before they are all gone!

Twelve Birthstones

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2013 brought birthstones to Jamaa for the first time. Every month Jammers got to collect a new stone for their collection and were able to display it on the beautiful Birthstone Display. Did you collect all 12? In case you forgot which birthstones represent each month, here is a review:

January – Garnet
February – Amethyst
March – Aquamarine
April – Diamond
May – Emerald
June – Pearl
July – Ruby
August – Peridot
September – Sapphire
October – Opal
November – Topaz
December – Turquoise

These special Birthstones have been in Epic Wonders for sale each month. December’s birthstone is still there. Don’t forget to buy it – completing your collection!

News Crew

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News Crew Assignment: Hopes for New Year

Are your ready for your next News Crew Assignment? As 2013 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on all the things that have happened this year. It’s also time to look to the future and think about what we most hope to accomplish! Here at AJHQ we want to know, what are your hopes for the new year? 

Be sure to ask around and find out what Jammers are wishing for this coming year. Perhaps some players hope for something at home like doing better at school, reading a new book, or learning a new talent. Or maybe players are hoping for something in-game like  a new animal, item or adventure! Whatever the case, we’re confident that inquisitive  Jammers will get the scoop on other’s HOPES for this coming year.

Remember, all News Crew entries are due by Jan.5, 2014. Submit your entries through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township and remember to follow the News Crew Submission Rules: any article that is inappropriate, is over 250 words long, or doesn’t have a screenshot cannot be considered for the News Crew.

Happy reporting, Jammers!