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The Bactrian (bak-tree-uhn) Camel has two humps, unlike it’s cousin the Dromedary (drom-i-der-ee).

When the Bactrian gets very thirsty it can drink 30 gallons of water in 13 minutes!

Learn more about camels in the Camel Creature Feature at National Geographic Kids or check out this Ask Brady video about Arabian Camels.


Rare Item Monday: Rare Gardening Hat

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For many Jammers, the snow is slowly melting, which makes us think of Spring, when Jamaa is in full bloom.

How fitting that today’s Rare Item Monday novelty is a gardening hat!

Why not, put on your new gardening hat and start planting your den gardens. That way you can make it Spring in your den anytime!

Jammer Snaps Winners: Jammer Parades

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You probably saw them coordinating and marching through the lands of Jamaa, proud to parade for the Jammer Snaps contest. The winners have been decided and boy, did they go all out!

Congratulations to Baron Spiritpaw, Fuzzy Thehero, Empress Rainymoon, Explorer Templemoon, Eternal Tinymaster, Darling Berryfriend, Laughing Spiritstar, Eternal Theroo, Magical Arcticwolf, and Arctic Wolf for throwing epic parades!