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AJ ACADEMY – Sea Turtles

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There are currently seven species of sea turtles swimming in our tropical oceans. They’ve been around since the time of the dinosaurs, only 110 million years. The turtle’s shell is called a carapace and has become streamlined for swimming. Swimming fast and their shell are their primary lines of defense because they can’t pull their legs and head into their shell.

Green sea turtles can stay under water for as long as five hours on a single breath! They can slow their heartbeats to save oxygen. They’re so slow in fact that it may be as long as nine minutes between heartbeats.

Find out more about green sea turtles and download this page to color from Animal Jam Academy!

AJHQ+A – King Cobra

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Lucky Berrypaw asks Brady Barr ‘why is the king cobra called a king cobra?’ in this week’s AJHQ+A.

The king cobra lives mainly in the forests of India, spreading slightly into forest areas of Southern China and Southeast Asia bordering India. The king cobra gets its name because it EATS other snakes, including the venomous varieties!

Did you know that the king cobra is the only snake that will build a nest for its eggs? It will arrange a bed of and cover about 40 eggs with leaves, during the egg laying season.

NEWS CREW – Giraffes

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Nice reporting Jumping Shiverstar! Your giraffe article is featured in this week’s NEWS CREW!

“So I hear that some long necked animals are returning to Jamaa? Yes my friends, giraffes are coming back to Jamaa!!! Why should they come back? Must I really answer that? Giraffes are extremely cool creatures! While we wait for them to arrive, here are some cool facts!

1. Giraffes have long eyelashes! Think about if you were in a hot african desert all day. You’d need some nice long lashes to keep the dust out of your eyes!

2. Giraffes have giant hooves. An adult’s hooves can grow to the size of dinner plates! KEEP YOUR DISTANCE PREDATORS!

3. How long did it take for you to learn to stand, walk and run? A few years, I bet. Amazingly, giraffe babies can learn to stand in thirty minutes and even learn to run after only ten hours! Talk about quick learners!

4. Many people get tired after standing still for half an hour. Giraffes sleep standing up and they do alot more work than us!

5. Giraffes sleep the least of any mammal! They spend between 10 minutes and two hours sleeping total per night! I can’t last very long without 10 hours of sleep and even still I’m tired!

6. Every looked at your fingerprints? They’re all unique just like snowflakes and zebra’s stripes. So are giraffes spots! No two giraffes have the exact same pattern! See you in Jamaa – hopefully soon with giraffes!”

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