AJ ACADEMY – Constellation Creation!!!




AJ ACADEMY is here with an activity that is OUT OF THIS WORLD


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Get ready to reach for the stars with this cool CONSTELLATION MAKER!!!


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Click the link below to download the free PDF!!! And tell your buddies!


:win:  ConstellationMaker  :win:


AJ ACADEMY is all about promoting SCIENCE, TECH, ENGINEERING, ART, and MATH to kids everywhere. Check out some other great activities by clicking below!!!





Jammer Tip – How do I redeem a membership code or PIN?!!



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How to redeem a membership code or PIN:


AJHQ will sometimes release special codes that can be entered when Jammers log into Animal Jam. These codes can reward Gems, special items, and other cool prizes.


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To redeem your code, first type your username and password into the Player Login on the Animal Jam homepage. Click the box next to I Have A Code To Enter and type your code, then click the green Play button. When you arrive in Jamaa, your reward will be waiting for you.


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You can also redeem your code by visiting the Redeem Page.


Codes can only be redeemed once. And remember, Jammers: never give away any of your personal account information, even if someone promises to tell you a code in return. There will never be an Animal Jam code that will require you to share any of your account information.


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We would like to wish you a very very very HAPPY JAMAALIDAYS!!!

Here’s a little gift, from AJHQ to you… EMOTES!!!


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Happy Jamaalidays!

Jammer Snaps – Jamaaliday Dens!!!




Get ready for the last JAMMER SNAPS of the Jamaaliday season! Today we’re celebrating JAMAALIDAY DENS!!!


:gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift:


Thanks to the following Jammers, for taking these incredible snaps:


Miss Quietmoon

Creature Shivermush

Victory Shivermoon

Countess Magiccloud

Mighty Grandwolf

Juniper Icyclaw


We hope you each enjoy this awesome plaque!!! CLICK HERE to learn more about how to win plaques!!!




That draws a close to JAMMER SNAPS for the rest of the year! We will start them back up in January!!!


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Jam on and Happy Jamaalidays!!!