Awesome Jammer Art!

Category: Awesome Jammer Art

Have you dropped by the art studio lately? The art studio is one of the best ways jammers can express themselves. There are so many different types of activities that every Jammer is sure to love it. Need some help drawing? No problem! We have in-game tutorial videos where you can learn how to become a true artist.
To add to the fun, you can submit your art (and stories, poems, and other creations) in Jammer Central for a chance to be featured on the Daily Explorer! Your art might also be featured in the Jammer Central Gallery, which updates daily with new pictures from Jammers like you!
AJHQ  loves receiving artwork from Jammers. This week we found a lot of awesome rainbow art submissions.

Check out what Darling Cleverseal, Laughing Loopyrobot, Blossom Berryrose, and Fabulous Bravejammer  sent us:


So swing by the art studio and send us your art through Jammer Central. We can’t wait to see what you create!