Diamond Challenge – Sir Gilbert’s Owl Report!


Jammers! Sir Gilbert here, with some serious business…


I’ve got a special announcement regarding OWLS, and I’ll be needing your help!


AJHQ is putting together some JAM-tastic owl surprises, and we need an OWL REPORT, written by a Jammer!


:loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter:


The report should be concise and include 2-3 paragraphs about OWLS! The more interesting the better! 5 REPORTS will be chosen and each winner will get 5 DIAMONDS.


:diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:

Jammers can submit their report through JAMMER CENTRAL. Jammers can also submit their report in the comment section below. Want to learn how to submit? Just CLICK HERE!!! Submissions are due before 9 PM MST… Best of luck…


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Jammer Tip – Friendship Armor


Have you gone any adventures with FRIENDSHIP ARMOR!?


:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:


This majestic armor would look AMAZING at the FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL!!!


Get yours while you can! Oh, and tell your buddies!


Jam on!



News Crew – New Year’s Resolutions!



Fuzzy Shiverlily is today’s NEWS CREW reporter! Her report is on NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!


:loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter:


My New Year’s Resolution is to be the kindest, nicest Jammer I can be!
It’s important to be a good Jammer because it helps you make better decisions.


:peace: :peace: :peace:


It also helps other Jammers because you are promoting a friendly relationship and you set an example so others can learn from you! Any way you look at it, it’s a great thing to be a good Jammer!


-Fuzzy Shiverlilly


:loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter:


If you want to be a NEWS CREW REPORTER, our next topic will be FRIENDSHIP!  What is your favorite activity to do with a buddy in Jamaa?  To learn how to submit, click below and follow these easy instructions! Submissions are due FEB 8, 2015!


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