Brady’s Expeditions

Category: Videos


Have you ever wished you could help a scientist on an expedition? Well, you can right now! Check out Brady’s Expeditions, the interactive video series that lets you help Dr. Brady Barr on his search for a giant python!

Brady’s Expeditions can be found in Brady’s Lab, located in the Lost Temple of Zios. This is your chance to go along with Brady as he searches a forest for a giant snake! It’s up to you to decide which direction to go or what tool will be the best for the job. Each correct decision will bring you and Brady closer to finding the giant python, but remember: sometimes the incorrect decisions are fun to see too!

As you and Brady are out on this exciting expedition, you’ll earn cool prizes that can’t be found anywhere else! And if you have to leave before the expedition is through, don’t worry: when you come back, you’ll be able to start on the same chapter you left on!

These awesome videos can only be found in Brady’s Lab. Dr. Barr is ready to go on an expedition, and all he needs is you!