Buddy List

Category: Jammer Tips

Your Buddy List is there to help you find your friends in Jamaa. You can also send Jam-A-Grams to anyone on your Buddy List.

How To Add A Buddy

Click on the name of the animal you wish to add. You’ll see their player card. Click on the picture of two animal buddies with a green plus sign to send a buddy request to your friend.

Once the other player accepts your invitation, you will receive a message to let you know they have accepted!

Each Jammer can have up to 100 buddies on their buddy list.

How To Remove A Buddy

To remove a buddy from your list, open your buddy list by clicking this icon at the top of the page:

Click on the name of the buddy you wish to remove. Then, click the remove buddy button on their player card.

You will be asked if you are sure you want to remove that buddy. Be careful! Once they’re removed, you’ll have to find them again if you want to re-add that Jammer to your buddy list.

How To Find A Buddy In Jamaa

To find your friend by their Animal Jam username, they have to be on your Buddy List, and be online. To locate your buddy, simply click on your Buddy List icon at the top of your screen. To make sure your buddy is online, look for a green circle next to their username. At the bottom of your buddy list you’ll see a search button. Click it to get the search bar:

Then, enter the username of the buddy you are looking for and their player card will pop up. To join them in Jamaa, click on the button on their player card that looks like this:

You will be transported to your buddy’s location!

Is your Buddy List full? You can turn off buddy requests through My Settings.