AJ Tip – Achievements

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Looking for ways to collect achievements? Playing mini-games like TEMPLE OF TRIVIA in the Temple of Zios, SSSSSNAKE  in Coral Canyons, or even SWOOPY EAGLE (the new game just for Eagles) are just a couple of ways. Do you know where we collected the achievement featured below?

What’s your favorite mini-game in Jamaa?

AJ Tip: Birds-of-Paradise

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Need a hint to fill in your JOURNEY BOOK? If you’ve been HUNTING for the land of the BIRDS- OF-PARADISE page on the map, you might not ever stumble across that mythical place. You’ll only find these birds in a PARADISE PARTY. Keep an eye on the schedule for your next chance to complete your book and get a special prize!

Eat ‘Em Up Achievements

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Eat 'Em Up Achievement

Achievements are special awards that are given to Jammers when they play Animal Jam. Some achievements are easy to earn, and others take a lot of skill and practice!

Jammers who love to play Eat ‘Em Up, the game of big appetites found in Crystal Reef, can earn six unique achievements. Have you played Eat ‘Em Up 5 times? If so, you have earned the Nibble achievement. What about 10 or 25 times? Bite and Chomp are the achievements for you. And if you can play Eat ‘Em Up 50 times, the Gulp achievement will be yours.

It’s fairly easy to gobble up 500 fish and earn the Om Nom Nom achievement, but the Big Tuna achievement is only for the most skilled Jammers will can eat 5000 fish in Eat ‘Em Up!

Whether you’ve earned none or all these achievements, why not head to Crystal Reef and have a great time playing Eat ‘Em Up today?