Adventures Base Camp

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Adventures refresh

The Adventures Base Camp has a new layout to make it easier for Jammers everywhere to find their way to their favorite Adventures. Be sure to go through the Party List or Lost Temple of Zios and check it out with your buddies, then start your next, big Adventure!

Adventure Hard Mode

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If you are looking for a little more challenge while going on the Return of the Phantoms Adventure, look no further: now you can choose the difficulty level of Return of the Phantoms!

Normal Mode is the Adventure that millions of Jammers know and love. Hard Mode features a more difficult Adventure with more Phantoms and different prizes!

So whether you like the normal Adventure or you’re looking for a harder challenge, head to the Adventure Base Camp and play the Return of the Phantoms Adventure today!

Adventure Level Icon

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Most Jammers love being able to show their Adventure level while on Adventures and in the Adventure Base Camp, but did you know that Club members can now show their Adventure level icon no matter where they are in Jamaa?

That’s right: just click on your nametag customization window, and you can make your Adventure level icon available for all to see!