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AJ ACADEMY – Magic Balloon

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Looking for more fun Animal Jam activities? Cruise over to Animal Jam Academy and get a parent to help you with this MAGIC BALLOON. This is a good project to try outside now that we’re having warm weather!


AJ Academy – The Moon

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Many moons in our solar system have names. Two of our favorites are Titan and Io. They’re moons of Saturn and Jupiter. You may have wondered ‘does our moon have a name?’ Yes it does, but it’s just ‘moon.’

The reason for this is that in scientific terms moons are considered satellites or objects in the orbit of a planet. And before we even knew there were other moons, our satellite already had the name.

To learn about moon phases or why our moon looks different every night, head over to Animal Jam Academy!

AJ ACADEMY – Crocodiles

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Did you know that CROCODILES have the STRONGEST BITE of any animal in the world? But the muscles that open the jaws are very weak. It would be easy for an adult to hold a crocodile’s jaws shut.

An easy way to spot the difference between a crocodile and an alligator is the fourth tooth of a crocodile sticks out when its mouth is closed. Another easy trick is that crocodiles generally live in salt water and alligators tend to live in fresh water. Although crocodiles can be found throughout the world, alligators are only found in the US. The exception is the Chinese alligator that only lives in the Yangtze River and is sadly, critically endangered.

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