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New Sidekix Plush

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Have you seen the cool new Animal Jam Sidekix plush that are now available in Animal Jam Outfitters? The new bunny, fox, penguin, and tiger plush are not only fun to play with, but they can even flip into a ball for fun on the go!

These awesome plush animals even come with an exclusive in-game plushie den item, and a few rare plush come with a special bonus code that awards a 1-week Animal Jam Club membership, 1000 bonus gems, and eight different in-game plushie den items!

Remember, Jammers, the new Animal Jam Sidekix plush are now available at Animal Jam Outfitters, the place for all your Animal Jam gear!

Wolf Plush Now in Animal Jam Outfitters!

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Play wild with these exclusive Animal Jam wolf plush! Flip your wolf into a ball, or attach it to your backpack! With magnets in the front paws you can connect these awesome wolves to your locker, or to one another. Plus, each wolf comes with an exclusive bonus item: 5,000 GEMS! The Animal Jam wolf plush is only available in Animal Jam Outfitters this holiday season!


New Animal Jam Posters

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Have you seen the cool new Epic Wolf posters that are for sale exclusively at Animal Jam Outfitters?

These new posters feature three Animal Jam wolves ready to play in the wild! Each poster measures 18″ x 24″, and these posters will make a great addition to every Jammer’s room, as well as being a great gift idea!

What are you waiting for? Head to Animal Jam Outfitters and pick up your own AJ poster today!