AJHQ NEWS – Greely’s Status

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What is happening with GREELY? Has anyone SEEN him? Did he survive the VOLCANIC ERUPTION? Will Jamaa need to find a new Alpha? What does this mean for Jammers? Are the phantoms gone for good? Who can tell us what is going on?

You’ll have to wait and play ADVENTURE SEVEN. Stay tuned for updates!

What do you think happened?

JAMMER TIP – New Shops

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ROYAL RIDGE, Jamaa’s NEWEST SHOP has opened at the TOP of Coral Canyons! Royal Ridge features some of the COOLEST DEN ITEMS and can only by reached by the new EAGLES!

Did you know that OCEAN DENS are now available for all Jammers from the new DEN SHOP at the bottom of Deep Blue?

AJHQ&A – Pufferfish

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Happy Prettygem asks Tierney Thys ‘HOW DO PUFFERFISH PUFF UP?’ The answer may surprise you!

You can watch more videos about ocean animals by visiting TIERNEY’S AQUARIUM. While you’re there test your skill at the Touch Pool game and watch the OPEN SEA CAM.

Have you found the pufferfish for your Journey Book?