Target Retail Gift Cards

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Looking for the perfect Animal Jam gift to give this holiday season? Don’t miss this one!

Right now, THIS WEEK ONLY, Target is running a HOT Deal just in time for the holiday season on Animal Jam’s 6 month retail Gift Cards.

This week you can get a PRICE CUT for our 6 month membership! The 6 month membership comes with 25 diamonds, 9000 gems, and if redeemed by the end of 2013, a virtual gift of Ice Armor.


Happy Jamaalidays!

Animals Will Soon Be Traveling

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Remember Jammers: on May 23rd, the elephants, rhinos, and giraffes of Jamaa will start traveling, so you only have a few more days to become one of these awesome animals before they leave on their travels!

200 Den Items

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All over Jamaa, Jammers love decorating their dens. And now, because you asked for it, you got it: now members of the Animal Jam Club can place up to 200 items in their dens!

This means that Club members can collect even more plushies and show off even more cool den items to all their buddies!