AJHQ+A – Hermit Crab

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Bouncing Magicseal asks Tierney Thy ‘why do hermit crabs change shells?’

Do you know what a hermit is? A hermit is a person that chooses to live
alone, often far away from other people. Unlike real hermits, hermit grabs
are very social animals that love to be around other hermit crabs. They are
called hermit crabs because each one carries its own home on its back!

In the wild, hermit crabs live in large communities that love to trade…
just like Jammers!

Hermit crabs come in many sizes. The coconut crab is about 16 inches long,
and the Ecuadoran hermit crab is only about half an inch long!

Hermit crabs live for about 15 years in the wild, but if they are kept in a
proper and safe crabitat, they can live for almost 40 years!

AJHQ+A – King Cobra

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Lucky Berrypaw asks Brady Barr ‘why is the king cobra called a king cobra?’ in this week’s AJHQ+A.

The king cobra lives mainly in the forests of India, spreading slightly into forest areas of Southern China and Southeast Asia bordering India. The king cobra gets its name because it EATS other snakes, including the venomous varieties!

Did you know that the king cobra is the only snake that will build a nest for its eggs? It will arrange a bed of and cover about 40 eggs with leaves, during the egg laying season.

AJHQ+A – Whales

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Snowflake Daringwolf asks Tierney ‘how much can whales weigh?’ in this week’s AJHQ+A.

Have you ever wondered how whales sleep? Since whales breathe air like we do, they need to come to the surface even when they’re sleeping. Whales ‘sleep’ with only half of their brain at a time. One half stays awake to keep the whale breathing and aware of any danger, while the other half rests.

Some whales can live to be 200 years old or more! There may be whales alive that are even older. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to tell how old a whale is while it is still alive. And usually when they die they sink to the ocean floor where it is very difficult for us to study. But there may be whales in the ocean that were alive before electricity was invented. Whoa!