Cosmo’s Den

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You were awed when you found it while taking part in ADVENTURES and your bravery has paid off! Introducing the new Cosmo’s Den! You can get your very own den designed by Cosmo himself!

If you remember, Cosmo’s Den is built within the trunk of a tree and is full of the plants he grew himself. How will you decorate YOUR Cosmo Den, Jammer?

Head on over to the Diamond Shop to get Cosmo’s Den today!

Bronze Alpha Statues

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bronze statues

Celebrate Animal Jam’s third birthday at the new AJ Birthday Party!

The AJ Birthday Party is filled with all sorts of birthday fun, from cake and ice cream to a shop selling some amazing items: bronze statues of your favorite Alphas!

These amazing statues can’t be found anywhere else, so be sure to pick yours up next time you’re at the AJ Birthday Party!

Alpha Spotlight — Cosmo

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Cosmo would be the first to admit that most koalas aren’t very ambitious. And before he came to Jamaa, he seemed to be a fairly typical koala: he spent most of his time in trees, eating leaves. But even then, despite his outward appearance, there was something different about Cosmo. You see, Cosmo understands plants.

Now you might be thinking, “That’s no big deal. Lots of people understand plants. My mom understands plants.”

But Cosmo doesn’t just understand how to make plants grow. He understands what they’re saying — to each other, to animals, and sometimes even to themselves (a lot of plants talk to themselves, because they assume nobody is listening).

As soon as most plants in Jamaa realize Cosmo can communicate with them, they become willing to do some pretty amazing things to help him. They tell him how to mix various natural substances together to create potions with hundreds of uses. They can carry him quickly through the trees, hide him, and even create traps for Phantoms that are undetectable until it’s too late.

Cosmo and Peck are the youngest of the Alphas, and sometimes the others don’t really get their jokes or appreciate their pranks. But there’s one thing Cosmo never jokes about. He has a deep and reverent respect for the power of the natural world; perhaps because he is able to communicate with so much of it.