AJHQ+A – Butterflies

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Frozen Fuzzystar asks Brady Barr ‘why do monarch butterflies migrate?’ in this week’s AJHQ+A.

Do you want to know some more interesting things about butterflies?

Butterflies taste with their feet! Different species tend to lay their eggs on only one type of plant, so it’s important to find the right one. They have tiny spines on the back of their legs called chemoreceptors (key-moe-ree-sep-ters) that can tell the right plant taste!

Butterflies drink from mud puddles. Just like us, they need vitamins and minerals to live healthy lives. Mud puddles are rich in minerals. When a mud puddle is found you can often find a group of butterflies sipping from the same pool. This is called puddling.


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Brady Barr stalks the Malayan Tiger in this week’s Creature Feature.

The Malayan Tiger is the smallest of the tiger species with an average length of 6.5 feet (probably just a bit bigger than your dad). They live exclusively on the Malay Peninsula of Southeast Asia and are the the national animal of Malaysia. They call the tiger ‘Pak Belang,’ which means ‘Uncle Stripes.’

This tiger’s scientific name is ‘panthera tigris jacksoni’ named after the conservationist, Peter Jackson. What animal would you want to be known for saving?

JAMMER ART – Lucky Animals

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Want to find a FOUR-LEAF CLOVER of your own? Follow this easy step!

First, find a patch of clover. You don’t need to look at every single clover. Your eyes will naturally go to the odd one out.

Most clover patches grow from a single plant. If you’ve found one four-leaf clover, you’re likely to find more in the same patch. How’s that for lucky? Let us know when you find one!!

Thanks to Lucky Arcticwolf, Little Speedyjammer, Queen Spiritstar, Princess Glamgirl and Snow Leopard for sending in their Jammer art!