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JAMMER ART – Lucky Animals

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Want to find a FOUR-LEAF CLOVER of your own? Follow this easy step!

First, find a patch of clover. You don’t need to look at every single clover. Your eyes will naturally go to the odd one out.

Most clover patches grow from a single plant. If you’ve found one four-leaf clover, you’re likely to find more in the same patch. How’s that for lucky? Let us know when you find one!!

Thanks to Lucky Arcticwolf, Little Speedyjammer, Queen Spiritstar, Princess Glamgirl and Snow Leopard for sending in their Jammer art!

JAMMER ART – Almost Lucky Day

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Are you ready for March’s LUCKY CELEBRATIONS? Check the party schedule for the next Luck event. Even host your own Lucky Party in your den and decorate it with all of your green or lucky items.

Some of our favorite luck charms are the LADYBUG (obviously), FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS, and RAINBOWS. If you happen to accidentally walk under a ladder, keep your fingers crossed until you see a dog. This is a folklore belief that will keep the bad luck from sticking to you. This is where we get the expression and the action of keeping fingers crossed for good luck.

Congratulations to Monster Muddyfox, Gorgeous Arcticwolf, Gorgeous ArcticcloudDaredevil Magiccloud, and Speedy Wolf for earning Artist Plaques for their dens.

What does it mean to you to be lucky?

Jammer Art – Eagles

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Did you know that a group of EAGLES is called a CONVOCATION (con-vo-kay-shun)? As we continue the celebration of the Eagle, the newest animal in Jamaa, we present to you this week’s Awesome Jammer Art featuring eagles.

Arctic Wolf, Scooter Thepirate, Eternal Spiritstar, Princess Snowymaster, and Junior Snowygirl, you’ve all earned an ARTIST PLAQUE for your dens today!