Twelve Birthstones

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2013 brought birthstones to Jamaa for the first time. Every month Jammers got to collect a new stone for their collection and were able to display it on the beautiful Birthstone Display. Did you collect all 12? In case you forgot which birthstones represent each month, here is a review:

January – Garnet
February – Amethyst
March – Aquamarine
April – Diamond
May – Emerald
June – Pearl
July – Ruby
August – Peridot
September – Sapphire
October – Opal
November – Topaz
December – Turquoise

These special Birthstones have been in Epic Wonders for sale each month. December’s birthstone is still there. Don’t forget to buy it – completing your collection!

December Birthstone

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If your birthday occurs in December, your birthstone is the beautiful Turquoise.

This stone was first found in the country Turkey and is known to mean good fortune and success. This birthstone is available to buy only in December from Epic Wonders in Coral Canyons. We wonder if owning this stone will help you in your Adventures? Why not purchase one and find out?

Peridot Birthstone

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If your birthday falls in August, the peridot, the beautiful green gem, is your birthstone!

Peridots have been valued by different civilizations throughout history, and to some groups, peridots symbolize power and healing!

Peridot Birthstones are for sale in Epic Wonders, but only during the month of August! So whether your birthday is in August or you want to collect them all, pick yours up today!