Friendship Festival

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Every February, Jammers gather with their best buddies to celebrate the Friendship Festival!

The Friendship Festival is a time when all Jammers can celebrate the close friendships they have. During the Festival, Jammers give gifts, attend fun parties, and send special Jam-A-Grams to show how much they care about their close buddies. How are you going to celebrate this Friendship Festival?


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It’s finally here!

In Jamaa, Jamaalidays means a new gift is given EVERY DAY through December 25th, so be sure to log in every day to pick up your prize!

Don’t forget to host Jamaaliday parties in your Gingerbread Den, and to show off your Reindeer pet during your adventures in Jamaa. ¬†We would love to see pictures of our Jammers celebrating, so decorate your den in Jamaaliday style and invite your buddies over for a holiday party. Send your screenshots through Jammer Central.

We’re sure they’ll love hanging out in your chocolate hot tub!

Night Of The Phantoms

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Every October, the lights in Jamaa turn low in preparation for the Night of the Phantoms, the spooky and silly celebration!

Not much is known about the dark and mysterious phantoms that live in Jamaa. Some say they exist to cause chaos and destruction, and others say they are just looking for a place to call their own. Whatever the phantoms’ purpose, one thing that Jammers know is that phantoms can cause trouble in Jamaa.

That’s why Jammers celebrate the Night of the Phantoms, a time when they dress up in silly costumes, play fun games, and maybe even play a trick or two on those pesky phantoms!