Events And Holidays

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In the upper left corner of Jammer Central is the Activities Calendar. Simply click the Activities Calendar button to see what awesome things are happening in Jamaa:

Be sure to check the calendar often to see if any extra special events have been posted!

Below are some of the holidays celebrated in Jamaa:

Friendship Festival

In February, animals all over Jamaa celebrate their appreciation of friendship. They give gifts, send special Jam-A-Grams, and participate in fun friendship events to show how much their friends mean to them. Good buddies make Jamaa the special place that it is.

Lucky Day

In March, Jammers everywhere celebrate Lucky Day. Lucky things seem to happen on this special day if you look hard enough! Animals love to parade around Jamaa in green gear and celebrate with friends. They also take time to recognize all of the lucky things in their lives, and realize that things aren’t as bad as they might sometimes seem.

Freedom Day

Freedom Day comes around every July. Animals decorate their dens, and dress up in red, white, and blue. Jammers everywhere throw Freedom Day parties, and they might even catch a fireworks show!

Night of the Phantoms

At the end of October, Phantoms seem to show up everywhere and try to cause chaos and destruction around Jamaa. So, every year all the animals in Jamaa dress up in silly and scary costumes to try and trick the Phantoms, and prevent them from doing their dark deeds!

Feast of Thanks

Every November in Jamaa, we like to celebrate what we’re thankful for. It’s a great time of year to stop and think about everything we have and how lucky we are to have it!


The Jamaalidays are a series of celebrations held at the arrival of the winter months, to celebrate the end of one year, and the beginning of another. Most animals catch the spirit of giving and give gifts to each other! It’s the time of year for decorations, snow, lights, and lots of festivities!

Freedom Day

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Happy Freedom Day, Jammers!

Freedom Day is a fun summer holiday celebrated all over Jamaa. During the Freedom Day celebrations, Jammers love dressing their animals and decorating their dens in red, white, and blue colors, as well as shopping for cool Freedom items. There is even a special Freedom Party that features an awe-inspiring fireworks show!

What are you going to do to celebrate this Freedom Day?

Freedom Items

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Jammers love lots of things about Freedom Day, but they especially love all the cool Freedom items that are for sale for just a few weeks a year.

From gloves and masks to hats and plushies, these cool red, white, and blue items are for sale in different shops around Jamaa. So be sure to check out all of Jamaa’s cool shops—including those at the Summer Carnival—to see all the new Freedom items that are for sale!