Photo Booth Contest Winners

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Because Jammers love taking pictures in the new Photo Booth, we asked you to send in your best snapshots for the Photo Booth Contest!

Jammers responded by sending in thousands of amazing pictures of all their different animals! Check out Jammer Central in Jamaa Township to see all the contest winners, as well as lots of other amazing contest entries!

Photo Booth Contest

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Jammers love taking cool snapshots at the new Photo Booth, and AJHQ wants to see your best pictures!

When you visit the Photo Booth, be sure to dress up your favorite animal in your best clothes and accessories, strike a pose, choose a background, and pick a cool saying! Once you have taken your picture, submit it through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township.

All entries are due on Wednesday, May 1st. Good luck!

Graham’s Joke Contest Winner

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A few weeks ago, Graham, the monkey Alpha, asked Jammers to send in their best jokes. Imagine how surprised he was when Jammers sent in thousands of hilarious jokes!

There were so many good jokes that it was hard to choose just one winner, but the winner of Graham’s Joke Contest is Victory Quietgem! To see the winning joke, as well as dozens of jokes that will tickle your funny bone, visit Jammer Central in Jamaa Township today!