Sunken Ship Den for Everyone!

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Sunken Ship Den

The FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL is here, and Animal Jam is offering a special FRIENDSHIP GIFT to EVERY JAMMER: the amazing SUNKEN SHIP OCEAN DEN.

There are also plenty of ocean DEN ITEMS that are now for ALL JAMMERS. Head to SUNKEN TREASURES in Kani Cove to pick up yours today!


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Maybe you’ve been looking forward to the icy Snow Fort or the epic Princess Castle? Whatever den you want is now available for HALF off the original cost. That’s right, ALL available dens for the next two weeks will be HALF price! Get over to the Den Shop for some great deals!


Lost Ruins Den

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The Lost Ruins den is a mystical sunken ruin that is the perfect place for your ocean animals to call home. You can even fill it with exclusive matching furniture from Sunken Treasures!

What are you waiting for? Invite all your ocean buddies over and have fun with the new Lost Ruins den!