Snow Fort Den

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The SNOW FORT DEN is the perfect hangout for penguins, arctic wolves or any other animal that just wants to have fun in the snow! With all the winter den items that are being released in Jamaa’s shops, the snow fort den is the perfect place to host a snow party or just chill out!

So what are you waiting for? Go have a cool time in the snow fort den!

Fantasy Castle Den

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The Fantasy Castle den is the perfect place to decorate, party, and let your imagination run wild!

Have you ever wanted to be the king or queen of a magical, far-away kingdom? Have you wanted to invite all your friends over for a royal feast? Have you ever wanted an amazing den with the most beautiful view in all of Jamaa?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then the Fantasy Castle is the perfect den for you!

Cosmo’s Den

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You were awed when you found it while taking part in ADVENTURES and your bravery has paid off! Introducing the new Cosmo’s Den! You can get your very own den designed by Cosmo himself!

If you remember, Cosmo’s Den is built within the trunk of a tree and is full of the plants he grew himself. How will you decorate YOUR Cosmo Den, Jammer?

Head on over to the Diamond Shop to get Cosmo’s Den today!