Enchanted Hollow Den

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Winter time means hibernation for some animals, which makes the Enchanted Hollow Den is the perfect place to call home these cold, winter months!

Did you know that some of your favorite pets hibernate? Your pet snake, pet frog, pet raccoon and pet bat like to take a time out during the winter, so make sure they have a cozy place to keep warm. We think the Enchanted Hollow Den is the perfect place since it is built underground to keep out the harsh weather of winter.  Be sure to include a nice fireplace, Jammers!

Mushroom Huts are Back!

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Hey Jammers, why did the mushroom get invited to the party? Because he was a fun-gi! :)

Here at AJHQ we like to have fun, but what we are about to tell you is no joke. We are re-introducing the incredibly awesome—Mushroom Hut!  This den was originally designed by a Jammer, then created by Animal Jam to purchase throughout Jamaa.

This new, far-out den is an ideal place for forest-dwelling animals. Made out of a small grove of mushrooms and toadstools, this den will make you feel at home without ever feeling far from nature. Fill your new den with special mushroom furniture and invite your buddies over for a nature party!

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get your own Mushroom Hut today!

Den Music – Spooky Old Bones

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Spooky Old Bones

Jammers everywhere love decorating their Animal Jam dens, and no matter their style there’s sure to be a den music to match! During this spooky time of the year, we recommend the Spooky Old Bones music, available in the Spooky Party and the Haunted Forest Party.

No matter what type of den music you choose, we’re sure it’ll add the perfect touch to your den. You could even host a dance party and invite your buddies to enjoy your new den music together!

To learn more about den music, check out this article.