Free Maze Coloring Activity

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Not able to go outside and play?  That’s ok – we have plenty of fun stuff you can do both online and offline in our Downloads section.

Here’s a special printout: click on this super fun maze activity  to print it out and see if you can help the koala catch up with the monkey without getting stuck!

Experiments, Experiments, Experiments!

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Dr. Brady Barr loves science experiments and now you can be a scientist too!

Take a look at these two epic experiments and test out your scientific skills by trying them on your own. Make sure to ask an adult for assistance.

If you’re having trouble understanding how these experiments work or you would like to watch Dr. Brady Barr perform them, head to Dr. Brady Barr’s Lab in the Temple of Zios. Once inside click on the duck or the lemon on the table. A screen will pop-up that will allow you to view the videos which give step by step instructions.

Hooray for Science!

Free Downloads – Alpha Masks

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Alpha Masks

Now you can dress up as your favorite Alphas, whether they be Sir Glibert, Peck, Liza, Cosmo, Graham, or Greely! Download and color in these epic masks, and have your parents help you cut them out and assemble them! You can attach them to chopsticks to hold in front of your face, or use string to tie it around your head.

We have tons of other FREE downloads available here, so make sure to check them out!