AJ Tip – Achievements

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Looking for ways to collect achievements? Playing mini-games like TEMPLE OF TRIVIA in the Temple of Zios, SSSSSNAKE  in Coral Canyons, or even SWOOPY EAGLE (the new game just for Eagles) are just a couple of ways. Do you know where we collected the achievement featured below?

What’s your favorite mini-game in Jamaa?

AJHQ&A – Pufferfish

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Happy Prettygem asks Tierney Thys ‘HOW DO PUFFERFISH PUFF UP?’ The answer may surprise you!

You can watch more videos about ocean animals by visiting TIERNEY’S AQUARIUM. While you’re there test your skill at the Touch Pool game and watch the OPEN SEA CAM.

Have you found the pufferfish for your Journey Book?

Hidden Treasure

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treasure 4

Jammers of all shapes and sizes love the new Adventures in Jamaa. Did you know that there is more to the Adventures than meets the eye?

When you are on an Adventure, be sure to look for side passages or hidden paths: sometimes they can lead to hidden treasure! We’re not entirely sure which Adventures have treasure hidden in them, and we don’t know how much treasure there is, but we know that it’s out there, waiting to be found!

How many hidden Adventure treasures have you found?