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JAMMER TIP – Endangerment Flags

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Have you noticed the new panda flags in Jamaa? Click on these flags for facts about endangered or extinct animals. Little things can make a big difference. Do you know how you can help protect wildlife?

Trading Safety

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Did you know Animal Jam has a trading system that keeps things fair so you can keep your items safe?

Here at AJHQ, we hear from Jammers about players trying to break the Animal Jam rules to unfairly get items from others. That’s why we made the trading system! If a Jammer wants to trade with you, but wants you to send them a gift through a Jam-A-Gram instead of using the trading system, don’t do it!

Just because someone says they’ll gift something back, doesn’t always mean they will. Using the trading system to trade is the only way to ensure you’ll get an item in return. If someone tries to scare you into giving away your items, report them and walk away! Those are YOUR items and nobody should make you feel bad about keeping them. If they won’t stop bugging you, block them. This way, you won’t be able to see anything they say and you can enjoy the rest of your time in Jamaa.

Check out this awesome tutorial video to learn how to use the trading system!

Sending To AJHQ

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From silly animals to awesome landscapes, Jammers love creating art with the new Painting activity in the Art Studio!

Did you know that you now use the Painting activity to send your work directly to AJHQ? When you are done painting, just click on the Send To AJHQ button at the bottom!

We love getting artwork from Jammers, and this is also a great way to enter AJHQ’s awesome contests!