Jamaa Mysteries

Hidden Treasure

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Jammers of all shapes and sizes love the new Adventures in Jamaa. Did you know that there is more to the Adventures than meets the eye?

When you are on an Adventure, be sure to look for side passages or hidden paths: sometimes they can lead to hidden treasure! We’re not entirely sure which Adventures have treasure hidden in them, and we don’t know how much treasure there is, but we know that it’s out there, waiting to be found!

How many hidden Adventure treasures have you found?

Jamaa Mysteries — Mt. Shiveer

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We all know that Jamaa is a magical land that is filled with fun and mystery, and reports are coming in that all over Jamaa, amazing things can happen when groups of Jammers gather together.

We have been told that something very “cool” happens when lots of Jammers stand on the ice in Mt. Shiveer

Flashback Friday: Breaking the Ice and the Bridge

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It’s Flashback Friday, and we’d like to remind you about the much talked-about mystery of “Breaking the Ice and the Bridge”.


Everyday we see lots of Jammers asking if it’s possible to break the ice in Mt. Shiveer and the bridge in Coral Canyons. Many a curious Jammer has noticed cracking when three or more players jump on them.

Here at AJHQ we are just as curious as you Jammers. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone finally breaks one of them? There’s no way to be sure what could happen if Jammers were to be successful. Until then, it will just have to remain a mystery. But be careful…those cracks looks pretty dangerous!

Keep exploring all of Jamaa and its wonderful mysteries—because knows what awesome wonders you and your buddies will discover?