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JAMMER SNAPS – Jamaa Mysteries

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Everyday, Jammers ask if it’s possible to break the ice in Mt. Shiveer and the bridge in Coral Canyons. Many a curious Jammer has noticed cracking when three or more players jump on them.

Congratulations to Countess Snowylily, Lucky Thelion, Darling Arcticwolf, Daredevil Bravewolf, and Arctic Wolf for their discoveries!

Have you been wondering what the next NEWS CREW topic will be? We’ll tell you right now. It’s EAGLES!! Submit what you think the coolest things are about eagles, and we just might choose you!! This is the only way to acquire the nifty CAMERA for your Animal NAME BADGE. Make sure to have your submissions in by March 23 to be considered.

Jammer Snaps – Jamaa Mysteries

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The world of Jamaa abounds with MYSTERY and there is always something NEW TO DISCOVER. We’ve given you some clues above for just a couple of the known mysteries. We ask that you send us some of your favorite mysteries for this week’s JAMMER SNAP assignment.

Have you found any MYSTERIES on your own?

Jammer Snaps Winners: Jammer Parades

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You probably saw them coordinating and marching through the lands of Jamaa, proud to parade for the Jammer Snaps contest. The winners have been decided and boy, did they go all out!

Congratulations to Baron Spiritpaw, Fuzzy Thehero, Empress Rainymoon, Explorer Templemoon, Eternal Tinymaster, Darling Berryfriend, Laughing Spiritstar, Eternal Theroo, Magical Arcticwolf, and Arctic Wolf for throwing epic parades!