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AJHQ  loves seeing Jammer participation in Jamaa’s many contests and adventures! Today we want to recognize the winners of our previous Jammer Snaps contest.

Jammer Snaps’ Winners include: Blossom Arcticwolf, Precious Snowyflower, Happy Prettyjoy, Arctic Wolf, Major Majormajor, Little Shyivy, and Snowflake Magicwolf

Last week we asked Jammers to take snapshots of their Jamaaliday Themed Dens. Jammers responded by sending in tons of epic snaps. It was hard to choose from the many submissions, but we were finally able to choose a few amazing screenshots. Thanks again for all the entries!



News Crew and Jammer Snaps

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Animal Jam always has something going on. Today we want to recognize the winner of our previous News Crew contest and give you an all new Jammer Snaps assignment!

News Crew Article:

Last week we asked Jammers to find out what their friends want most for a Jamaaliday gift . Players responded by sending in tons of epic articles. It was hard to choose from the many submissions, but we were finally able to choose a winner—Arctic Wolf!

Find out what they had to say:

The Jamaalidays are always a fun times for jammers to gather there friends and make a party! They celebrate the arrival of the new year and enjoy gifts. Some jammers have been wondering what gifts will come this year. Some say rare spikes, others say new pets and dens but we cant figure out which one will it be! I asked one of my friends what she thinks some of the gifts will be, and she said maybe rare worns, spikes, new year party hats and rare bows. I think the jamaalidays are great for hosting parties decorating your den with the coolest items and inviting friends to celebrate with you. I think the gifts are going to be great for showing off your style and dressing up like santa or rudolph the red nosed reindeer. We can all celebrate the wonderful things and suprises the jamaalidays will bring us, like playing in the snow opening the gifts having kind friends and much more! What presents do you think the Jamaalidays will bring us this year? Happy Holidays!



New Jammer Snaps Assignment: Jamaaliday Decorations

It’s time for your next Jammer Snaps Assignment! This one is extra special and sure to bring you the spirit of the season.  For this assignment, AJHQ’s is asking Jammers to decorate their dens for Jamaalidays. Just think of it as your very own gingerbread house! Remember to take full advantage of the new Jamaaliday items and to take plenty of snapshots.

All Jammer Snap entries are due by Sunday, December 22. Remember to submit your entries through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township.

Good luck!

Jammer Snaps Winner & News Crew

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Today at Animal Jam HQ we are thankful for many things. We are especially thankful for all the Jammers who submit  to the newly created Jammer Snaps.

Our winners this week are Blossom Wingedbuddy, Princess Berryfly, Explorer Cottonmoon, Sparkle Speedycheetah, and Duchess Vonilily!WolfJulia_Blossom_Wingedbuddy_9 1lady1bug1girl_Princess_Berryfly_2 critter131_Explorer_Cottonmoon_3 jill127_Sparkle_Speedycheetah_1 wolffeycat_Duchess_Vonilily_10


Guess what else we are thankful for? You guessed it – the upcoming Jamaalidays!

We’re so thankful we want to include it in the LATEST News Crew topic! So, Jammers, interview your friends to find out what they would most like to see as a Jamaaliday gift this year in Animal Jam.

News Crew entries are due by Sunday, Dec. 8. Submit your entries through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township, and remember to follow the News Crew Submission Rules: any article that is inappropriate, is over 250 words long, or doesn’t have a screenshot cannot be considered for the News Crew.

Happy reporting, Jammers!