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News Crew and Jammer Snaps

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Jamaa always has awesome adventures. Today we want to recognize the winner of our previous News Crew contest and give you an all new Jammer Snaps assignment!

Fast and Slow News Crew Article:

Last week we asked Jammers to dig up news on Fast and Slow animals. Players responded by sending in tons of epic articles. It was hard to choose from the many submissions, but we were finally able to choose a winner—ArcticWolf!

Check out what they had to say:

Fast and slow animals, where to start!? Well, you can find these animals just about anywhere! From the snail in your garden to a cheetah in the zoo these animals are everywhere! There are many amazing facts about these interesting animals.
Did you know that the Slow Loris is indeed slow as its name suggests? They are also venomous but extremely slow! They move very slowly like a snail or a turtle! However, Springboks like the spring in their name are very fast! They can make long jumps or sharp turns as they run! They can reach to the speed of 100 km/h!
The question is how and why do these animals move fast or slow? Well the answer is in how their bodies are designed. Animals like the cheetah are meant to be fast so they can chase after prey, which is their food so they can eat. Yet some animals like the sloth are slow, but patience is good. They save energy by not moving around as much.
I interviewed Lucky ArcticLeopard and he said that he likes the faster life like a cheetah! My opinion is the more relaxed life like a panda! Whether you like a faster paced or slower laid back life, we can all relate to fast and slow animals!
There you have it jammers! Facts and thoughts on fast and slow animals! What is your opinion? What is your favourite fact? Jam on and have a great time in animal jam!


New Jammer Snaps Assignment—Circle of Thanks:

It’s time for another Jammer Snaps! In honor of Jamaa’s FEAST of THANKS, we invite you to form a Thankful Circle. A Thankful Circle is when players form a circle and tell each other what it is that they are grateful for. Remember to give everyone a chance to give thanks and take lots of screenshots while doing it.


All Jammer Snap entries are due by Sunday, November 24th. Remember to submit your entries through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township.

Good luck!

Jammer Snaps Reminder – Spooky Dens

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Jammer Snaps
Eerie things are happening in Jamaa and Halloween is just around the corner! A reminder to all you jammers, AJHQ is accepting Jammer Snaps of the most SPOOKTACULAR dens. Whether it’s your buddies den or your own, take screenshots and submit them through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township.

Remember, this contest is not only about den decorations–it’s about fun! So try dressing up in spooky costumes with friends, dancing, playing or even showing off some of your favorite emotes!

All entries are due by Sunday, October 27th.
Submit your entries through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township.

Jammer Snaps – Spooky Dens

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Jammer Snaps

As you celebrate Night of the Phantoms this month, you’re likely to see some spectacularly spooky dens!

Whether it’s your den, your buddy’s den, or another Jammer’s den, simply take a screenshot of the spookiest den you come across in Jamaa. Remember, dens are not only meant for decorating and showing off, they’re also meant for parties, so the more Jammers in the spooky den the better! Be sure to have fun with it: maybe your animals can dress up in spooky costumes and dance or play. Don’t forget about your emotes and chat bubbles!

To learn how to take a screenshot, click here.

All entries are due by Sunday, October 27th. Submit your entries through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township.

Good luck, Jammers!