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JAMMER TIP – Phantom Armor

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Have you rescued Greely from the phantoms but still want more adventure? We’ve added a hard mode to THE SEARCH FOR GREELY! We’ve added the exclusive and elusive Phantom Armor pieces as the reward for completing this adventure in hard mode.

The Phantom Armor cannot be bought in any Jamaa store and there is a total of five separate pieces; armor, tail armor, helmet, gauntlets, and amulet.

Can you win them all? 


JAMMER TIP – Giraffes Are Back!!

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Giraffes are back in Jamaa!! They’ve traveled far and wide and have lots of tales to tell.

There’s only one species of giraffe, and they are only native to Africa. They have different spots depending on which part of the country they live. They are the reticulated, Nubian, Uganda or Baringo, Masai, Angolan, and the southern. All giraffes have two furry little horns called ossicones.

Giraffes drink little water and only eat acacia leaves. They get most of the water they need to survive from the leaves. They’ve adapted this way because when they are drinking they are extremely vulnerable as this is the only time predators can stage an attack. But they’re generally not worth the effort as they have very keen eyesight, can kill with a kick, and their skin is extremely tough to chew making them more work then their worth.


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Have you found all of the hidden eggs in Jamaa? When you find the egg click it to learn animal facts! Find all of the eggs and learn all of the facts to win an exclusive reward from AJHQ!!

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