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Have you found all of the hidden eggs in Jamaa? When you find the egg click it to learn animal facts! Find all of the eggs and learn all of the facts to win an exclusive reward from AJHQ!!

These eggs are only around for a short time. Don’t miss this chance to fill your noggin with all of this knowledge! http://www.animaljam.com

JAMMER TIPS – Great Nature Project

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Want to help National Geographic get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest photo database? Go to Kimbara Outback and look for the board for the Great Nature Project or visit www.greatnatureproject.org.

AJ TIP – Traveling Pandas

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In the wild, PANDAS can spend their entire lives in a territory that is only a few square miles. The pandas of Jamaa, however, have decided to go TRAVELING!

On March 20th, Jammers will no longer be able to make new pandas. You will still be able to play as any panda that you have created, but you only have two weeks to become a panda before they begin their travels.