Journey Book

AJ Tip: Birds-of-Paradise

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Need a hint to fill in your JOURNEY BOOK? If you’ve been HUNTING for the land of the BIRDS- OF-PARADISE page on the map, you might not ever stumble across that mythical place. You’ll only find these birds in a PARADISE PARTY. Keep an eye on the schedule for your next chance to complete your book and get a special prize!

The Lost Temple of Zios Journey Book

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Have you completed your entire Journey Book yet? Click on the plants and animals you see in each land to collect fun facts to save to your Journey Book. Once you fill up your Journey Book page, you’ll get a special prize!

In the Lost Temple of Zios Journey book, you can learn about awesome creatures like monitor lizards, colugos, and needlefish!

Deep Blue Journey Book

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Jammers love the Journey Book pages for the lands of Jamaa, like Mt. Shiveer and the Lost Temple of Zios, but did you know that there is a Journey Book page for every ocean area in Jamaa too?

Head to the Deep Blue and explore the bottom of the ocean. You never know what you’ll find. Maybe you’ll come across an enormous giant squid or a toothy viperfish! And when you’ve filled your Journey Book page, you’ll earn a cool prize!