AJ Tip: Birds-of-Paradise

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Need a hint to fill in your JOURNEY BOOK? If you’ve been HUNTING for the land of the BIRDS- OF-PARADISE page on the map, you might not ever stumble across that mythical place. You’ll only find these birds in a PARADISE PARTY. Keep an eye on the schedule for your next chance to complete your book and get a special prize!

Plan Your Own Friendship Party

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You don’t have to go to the Friendship Party to celebrate friendship with all your amazing buddies. You may also host your own friendship party right in your den!

Pick out the best den items to decorate your den with, choose a time that works for your guests, and invite all your best buddies! You can play fun games, have cool prizes, chat, trade, dance, or anything else you want: after all, it’s your party!

What fun party ideas can you think of hosting in your own den? How are you going to celebrate all your best Jamaa buddies?

Friendship Party

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Just in time for the Friendship Festival, Friendship Parties have returned to Jamaa!

Held in Friendship Castle, the Friendship Party is filled with places to play and hang out with your best buddies. There is even a shop that sells exclusive, hard-to-find friendship den items!

The Friendship Party will only be around during the Friendship Festival, so grab your buddies and head to the party today!