Play-As-Your-Pet Party

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Have you heard about the new “Play as Your Pet Party”?  These awesome parties allow you to interact in Jamaa as your pet rather than your regular animal.

Just click on the drop-down party list often to see at what time the different parties begin.



Once you attend one of these exclusive Pet-Only-Parties, you’ll love seeing all the new available features. Your pet will be able to dance in new ways, get a rad-new look at the Pet Salon, and even visit new and never before-seen areas. Here’s a tip – Look up!

Party on Jammers!

Freedom Party

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You’re invited to the Freedom Party, the fun new party in honor Freedom Day!

Located on a beautiful hill in the twilight hours of the day, the Freedom Party is filled with great buddies, cool Freedom items, and an amazing fireworks show!

So sit back, relax, and get ready to ooo and ahh at all the awesome fireworks at the Freedom Party!

Jam Session

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You’ve got a ticket to the Jam Session, Jamaa’s newest, most exclusive, and most musical party!

At the Jam Session, you and your buddies can head to the stage, play a number of different instruments, and create new music! You can also pick up some cool instrument accessories from the Jam Session Shop!

So if you want to rock out, there’s only one place to go: the new Jam Session!