AJ TIP – Pet Eagles

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Have you been wanting another high flying pet to explore Jamaa’s sky-scapes? Hatch yourself a new pet eagle from the Diamond Store.

Eagle parents share parental duties including time on the nest until the eggs hatch. One of the parents is almost always with the nest. The eggs need to be protected from squirrels, other birds, and the weather. Once the eggs hatch, parents will move around the nest with talons in tight balls to keep from giving their eaglets an accidental poke!

The eaglets grow very fast. They gain about a pound a week! Within three weeks they are one foot tall and their beaks and feet are nearly adult sized. They start flying soon after.


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SEAHORSE PETS are now available for ALL JAMMERS!! Head to FLIPPERS ‘N FINS in Crystal Reef to get your own PET SEA HORSE today!

Seahorses are masters of camouflage and can change their color within seconds to match their surroundings. They also have excellent vision, and their eyes can move independently. It seems like they’re more of a sea chameleon than a horse!!

Sea horses mate for life, and it’s the father that carries the eggs. Baby seahorses, called fry, will eat up to 3000 pieces of food a day for the first couple weeks of life.

What’s your favorite thing about seahorses?

Pet Owls

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You may have seen them flying around Jamaa, donning graduation caps and scarfs and thought to yourself, “How do I get my own pet owl?”

Wonder no longer! Pet owls are back! Head on over to the Diamond Shop to purchase your pet Owl today.

Did you know that most owls are nocturnal? If you wake up in the middle of the night and your owl is nowhere in sight, don’t worry! They are most likely out and about trying to find lunch. They will soon be back, ready to adventure with their favorite Jammer.