Ocean Pets

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ocean pets

It’s Flashback Friday, and today we’re thinking about your ocean pets! Is your anglerfish still lighting the way? Has your seahorse visited Flippers n’ Fins lately? We remember when pet turtles came to Jamaa! That was an exciting day!

Our favorite ocean pet was the jellyfish. Did you know that jellyfish have been on Earth for millions of years, even before dinosaurs? Isn’t that wild?

What’s your favorite ocean pet, Jammer?

Pet Hamsters

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At AJHQ, we love all the Jammers in Jamaa. To show our appreciation, we want to remind you that pet hamsters are for all Jammers! That’s right: every Jammer in Jamaa can have their own pet hamster! And just in time too! You can visit our Play-As-Your-Pet party and become your hamster.

These cute and fun pets are available in the Claws ‘N Paws pet shop, as well as different places around Jamaa (like the Canyons Pathway and Sarepia Forest). We hope all Jammers will have lots of fun with their new pet hamsters!

Pet Tarantulas

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Pet tarantulas are waiting to be adopted in the Diamond Shop! Whether you choose a spooky one that’s black and red with lots of eyes, or a cute one that’s fuzzy and pink, there’s a tarantula for every style!

Take your pet tarantula to the Pet Stop in Claws ‘N Paws or the Pets Only Party to find special accessories to show off your new little friend’s unique style.

Have you ever seen a pet tarantula sparkle? Check out the Pet Wash in Crystal Sands for some good, clean fun with your pet.

The pet tarantulas in Jamaa are quite playful creatures, and will sometimes spin a web and joyfully jump on it! They also try to avoid water at all costs, so make sure you check out what happens if you try to make them go in it!

Head to the Diamond Shop and adopt your very own pet tarantula today!