News Crew – Report on Jamaalidays



Lots of Jammers are getting ready for JAMAALIDAYS in very different ways! Some are buying the newest items in Jamma like the new new Elf hat for all Jammers to where! Some are trading for the older items to spuce up their den or animal! Just a little secert if you did not know you can buy old den items in the diamond shop.  Some Jammers have bought then Newest den, the gingerbread house. Most Jammers like going to the  jamaailday jam hosted in the Gingerbread house itself! Lots of Jammers are very exited to celebrate with their buddies! Hope you have a jammin JAMAALIDAY!


-Infinity Magicstone




Thanks to Infinity Magicstone for that incredibly informative NEWS CREW! And congrats on winning this awesome plaque!




NEWS CREW submissions will be closed for the rest of the Jamaalidays! We can’t wait to get started again in January!!!


The Jamaalidays are a little more than halfway finished! But the fun is just getting started!


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Jam on!!!


Wild Explorers Debut! Meet Cami!



Jammers… Prepare yourselves for a most EPIC announcement…


:surprise: :surprise: :surprise: :surprise: :surprise:


The first episode of WILD EXPLORERS is here!


Meet Cami! The awesome host of WILD EXPLORERS! Tune in and find out what JAM-tastic things are happening in Jamaa, and tell your buddies to check it out as well!!!


:icecream: :icecream: :icecream:


Aren’t the Jamaalidays full of surprises? Jam on!!!

Animal Jam HQ

Pet Fox Has Returned!!!




Jammers… The PET FOX has returned!!! Jump for joy!


This incredible pet is waiting to be adopted in the DIAMOND SHOP and very excited to join the Jamaaliday fun! Go PET FOXES!!!


:triplestar: :triplestar: :triplestar: :triplestar: :triplestar:


Have you checked out AJ’S GREATEST HITS??? Get your favorite Animal Jam tunes and listen to them anywhere!!! Sounds that are so JAM-tastic, you’ll be singing along all day!!!




:diamond: :gift: :diamond: :gift: :diamond:


What adventures await you and your PET FOX?

Animal Jam HQ

Jammer Art – Winter Scenes!



Today’s JAMMER ART is full of spectacular winter fun! Just check out these WINTER SCENES that were drawn and submitted by Jammers from all over the world!


:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:


Congrats to these Jammers for having their art featured, and winning an awesome plaque for their den!


Infinity Arcticstar

Blossom Glamstar

Pouncing Sillyotter

Flora Magiclilly

Miss Braverose


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This JAM-tastic art marks the close of the season for JAMMER ART submissions.


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AJHQ will begin new Jammer Art contests starting in JANUARY! What an exciting time of year!!! Get ready for fun! Happy Jamaalidays!