Fun Pets

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Jammers everywhere love pets! Not only will they loyally follow their Jammer on their adventures around Jamaa, they also love to play games, be pampered, and hang out in cool dens. Check out this article for more info.

Also, don’t forget to turn in your Creepiest Animals News Crew entries, Jammers – they’re due TODAY! Click here¬†for more info about this awesome News Crew assignment.

Pet Bats Are Back

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Now that the Night of the Phantoms celebrations are under way, reports are coming in that pet bats have returned to Jamaa!

Lots of Jammers are reporting that these special flying pets are hiding in the Spooky Party!

Have you seen them and gotten your own pet bat?

Ocean Pet Care

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ocean pet habitat

Taking care of aquatic pets can be a lot of work! However, in Jamaa all an ocean pet needs to be happy is a comfortable place to sleep, a patch of seaweed to hide in, a tube worm to rest against, or maybe a little submersible to call their own. And of course, they need a good Jammer to take them for regular swims in the ocean!

Head over to Flippers ‘N Fins in Bahari Bay to adopt your favorite ocean pet today, then be sure to set up a nice place for them to live in your ocean den!