Rare Item Monday

RIM – Rare Glove

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On this Rare Item Monday we present to you this Rare Glove. And as a special for this item, you may choose the color!

Gloves were first used commonly in ancient Egypt. They were worn by the Pharaohs to show their high position.

In the Middle Ages, it was a custom to eat with special gloves that only covered the fingers. Full gloves were also used by shepherds and peasants for protection when working. There were also leather gloves without fingers used for hunting with a bow and arrow. There were also gloves made of metal rings used for fighting called gauntlets.

RIM – Rare Pirate Beard

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There were female pirates, although not very common. The most notable were Anne Bonnie and Mary Read who sailed with ‘Calico Jack Rackham’ in 1719.

They were known to belt on a sword and a pistol and take to the seas dressed as men. Maybe they had this week’s RARE ITEM MONDAY, Rare Blue Pirate Beard. They were also regarded as better fighters than their male shipmates. When Jack’s ship ‘The Kingston’ was captured by the law, Bonnie and Read claimed they were with child to avoid being hanged with the rest of the crew.

RIM – Rare Leaf Necklace

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Check out this Rare Leaf Necklace in lavender for this weeks Rare Item Monday!

Plants and trees require two things in order to bud in the spring. A fixed number of ‘cold days’ and a specific temperature.

Days and temperatures vary between species but the count is exact. How they actually know is one of sciences great mysteries.

Notice that I don’t say time.

For example if an oak tree needs 45 cold days, and a temperature of 50 degrees it won’t bloom until it gets all 45 cold days, regardless of temperature. If we have an especially cold December and unusually warm January, the tree may have all of it’s cold days and will bloom early if we hit a warm enough temperature. If it’s a mild winter with not a lot of cold days the tree may not get all of its cold days until April.