Rare Item Monday

RIM – Rare Big Blue Bow

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You’ll always be in first-place when you’re wearing this RARE BIG BLUE BOW offered for this week’s Rare Item Monday.

The blue ribbon is a symbol of something of high quality. And comes from Cordon Bleu, which is French blue ribbon. These ribbons were worn by a particular order of knights when taking first place in athletic or other competitions. And that’s how blue ribbons came to be awarded for first place in many other events, such as county and state fairs.

RIM – Rare Gold Headphones

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Check out these RARE GOLD HEADPHONES for this week’s RARE ITEM MONDAY!!

The first headphones weren’t even headphones. They were a single piece simply called an earpiece. The earpiece was the only way to listen to electrical signals before amplifiers were made or what we call today, a stereo.

In 1910 the first successful headphones were developed by Nathaniel Baldwin in his kitchen. They became wildly used by the US Navy.

It wasn’t until 1943 that the first stereo headphones were invented to listen to music by John C. Koss. Before that, headphones were only used by the military, phone operators and the like.

RIM – Rare Shark Fin

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Hello Jammers, what lovely teeth you have! How about this RARE SHARK FIN for today’s RARE ITEM MONDAY!

Did you know that sharks don’t have any bones? Sharks skeletons are made of a tissue that is more flexible and lighter than bones called, CARTILAGE. Sharks also have multiple rows of teeth! They often lose their teeth as they get older and new teeth grow, just like you!

What adventures are you going to have with your new shark fin?