Rare Item Monday

RIM – Rare Lucky Tuxedo

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For this most lucky of Rare Item Mondays, we present to you this RARE LUCKY TUXEDO!!

In Irish folk lore leprechauns are cobblers, which is a person that makes and repairs shoes. You might think, “How do they fill those pots with gold from cobbling?” ¬†Unto you, we give these key details: leprechauns only make shoes for fairies, fairies love to dance, fairies dance all night every night, they wear out their shoes every night and need a new pair every day.

If you ever hear a tiny tap-tap-tapping it might just a leprechaun working on his tiny shoes!

RIM – Rare Black and Red Flag

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Let your flags fly! May we present to you for Rare Item Monday this Rare Black and Red Flag?

Flags were invented by Egyptians in 1000 BC. They were made of painted wood or metal used to identify troops or clans at a distance.

There’s even a way of communicating with flags called ‘semaphore’ (sem-a-for). A special flag is held in each hand and different positions of the arms indicate a letter of the alphabet. This was an especially effective way to share messages between ships.

RIM – Rare Damask Blanket

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Spring is right around the corner but it’s still a bit chilly. May we offer you this RARE DAMASK BLANKET to help keep you warm?