Rare Item Monday

RIM – Rare Black Steampunk Monocle

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monocle DE

We have a big word for you to learn on this Rare Item Monday; FERROEQUINOLOGY (feh-ro-eh-quin-ol-o-jee). This, fellow Jammers, is the study of trains, specifically the STEAM engine. The steam engine is the basis of steampunk culture. Thus, to go along with the ferroequinology theme, today’s RARE ITEM is the BLACK STEAMPUNK MONOCLE.

Rare Item Monday – Friendship Bracelet

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The Friendship Festival is well underway, and what better way to show your camaraderie with your best buddy than with a Rare Indigo Friendship Bracelet? Be sure to log in to today to claim yours! And maybe one for a friend?

Rare Item Monday: Rare Gardening Hat

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For many Jammers, the snow is slowly melting, which makes us think of Spring, when Jamaa is in full bloom.

How fitting that today’s Rare Item Monday novelty is a gardening hat!

Why not, put on your new gardening hat and start planting your den gardens. That way you can make it Spring in your den anytime!