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JAMMER SNAPS – Eagle Dance Party

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Thanks to Darling Prettyflower, Darling Icypride, Prancing Muddygem, Doctor Prettymoon, and Rosy Shybird for sending in their JAMMER SNAPS of them and their buddies having an Eagle Dance Party. It looks like all of you had a ton of fun!

Have you been wanting to submit to the NEWS CREW? Our next topic will be GIRAFFES! As you know giraffes have been traveling for quite some time. Tell us some facts we didn’t know about giraffes and why they should return! Submit through JAMMER CENTRAL by April 20.

JAMMER TIP – April Fool’s Party

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Have you been to the April Fools’ Party? This is a special limited-time party where you can explore a kooky castle and buy wacky items to keep yourself looking silly year-round!

What tricks have you been able to discover at the April Fools’ Party?

Don’t forget your JAMMER SNAP’s submissions for your EAGLE dance party are due today.

AJHQ NEWS – Thank You!

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Don’t fret Jammers! We had a few more rogue phantoms than we thought!

We’ve upgraded our servers to make everyone’s access to Animal Jam faster and more stable. With thousands of new Jammers exploring our world every day, we needed to bring a lot of new computers online to keep the game running smoothly. We did it all at once and now that it’s done, you can look forward to making new buddies in Jamaa from all over the world!’

As a thank you for being so patient and hanging with us through this switch we’d like to offer you the ‘IMPRISONED PHANTOM’ den item by using the code ‘THANKS.’