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Modern Major Kangaroo

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Kimbara Outback is the newest land for exploring in Jamaa!! Create your own kangaroo and discover new friends and adventures. If you play AJ Jump, you can also import your joey as a pet in Jamaa!

Watch this funny video spoof to learn more about kangaroos! What’s your favorite kangaroo fact?


AJ Academy – Marshmallow Molecule

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Have you ever wondered what a molecule is or what they look like? Molecules are made of two or more atoms that got stuck together. Molecules are the building blocks of everything around us. Including you! You can make an edible model with marshmallows and toothpicks. Download the info from ANIMAL JAM ACADEMY and ask your parents for help.

AJHQ&A – Frogs

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Jammer Fabulous Fancyrose asks and Dr. Brady Barr explains “Why is it important for a frog to have a sticky tongue?

Did you know the wood frog can live north of the Arctic Circle? It can survive for weeks with more than half of its body FROZEN. This frog uses glucose in its blood as a kind of antifreeze that protects its organs, while the rest of the body freezes solid.

Do you have a frog pet in Jamaa?