Creature Feature – Lions

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The biggest lion on record weighed in at 826 pounds! That’s almost half of a ton! Imagine 7 moms all rolled into one giant cat, and you’ve got an idea or how big this lion was.

Lions can run up to fifty miles per hour, and their roar can be heard from 5 miles away!!

They also sleep twenty hours a day. We guess that’s a perk of being King of the Jungle. Even though they don’t live in jungles. They live in the plains of Africa in areas called savannas.

Tigers are actually the largest of the feline (cat) family, and they live in the jungles of Asia. Maybe the tiger should be the King of the Jungle?

Watch this video from Dr. Brady Bar with more info about lions!

AJHQ&A – Frogs

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Jammer Fabulous Fancyrose asks and Dr. Brady Barr explains “Why is it important for a frog to have a sticky tongue?

Did you know the wood frog can live north of the Arctic Circle? It can survive for weeks with more than half of its body FROZEN. This frog uses glucose in its blood as a kind of antifreeze that protects its organs, while the rest of the body freezes solid.

Do you have a frog pet in Jamaa?

Creature Feature – Mantids

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The Mantid family is often referred to as the Mantis family, which is incorrect. Mantises, praying or otherwise, are actually a small family within the overall Mantid realm that has over 2,400 branches.

Mantids live all over the world and are a friend to the farmer. They eat other bugs that want to eat up the crops before they can be harvested. A formidable foe, the Mantids are masters of camouflage and can grow to a length of ten-inches. Watch the video from Dr. Brady Barr for more info!

Have you found the Praying Mantis that lives in Jamaa?